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Web Elegancia specialises in designing websites with unparalleled freshness. 

Excelence in every design

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Web design is not just our profession. It’s our passion. We combine artistic flair with technical knowhow, to ensure that your website both attracts your visitor’s attention, and that it works flawlessly as they navigate through it.

Always striving to create the very best for you

our websites just for you

Web Elegancia specialises in designing websites with unparalleled freshness. 

Your website is a virtual store-front for your business. First impressions count. We design our websites to have instant appeal, delivering a visual and functional experience that ensures audience engagement…

Web Elegancia website designs are fresh, clean and energised. We focus on simplicity, providing your visitors with an easy and enjoyable website experience.


First impressions count and is what grabs people’s attention. We believe in beautiful yet clean and clear web pages that will captivate your audience.

For you

So many agencies unfortunately push one-fit web design solutions to their clients. We do not. Each client has it’s own image and objectives which is what we use to provide your bespoke web site.


In addition to the importance of you website’s look, its purpose is to sell for you. We design and implement a clear flow on our sites so your audience easily finds what they’re look for and become your client.


We design all our websites to ensure they adapt to all screen sizes (computers, tablets and mobile phones).


Our experienced content writers can write the text for your website ensuring it is transmits your message and convinces your audience to buy from you.


We ensure each web adapts to the latest SEO parameters.
We can also take care of completing your SEO with keywords, etc.


We can easily ensure your website is a fully functioning multilingual website. Additionally, our translators can translate all your website content.

Edit it yourself

For those of you who’d like to be able to edit and adapt your website yourselves once it’s completed, we can provide you with different levels of editing access with an easy-to-use CMS.


We will always be there for you whenever you need our assistance. We also offer a complete range of after-sales services so that we can take care of the day-to-day running of your new website.

A special flair just for you


We specialise in designing websites that will inspire people to come to your business. We create websites for all types of SME’s, however we have developed a design model that is particularly adapted to the industries listed here.

Wowing your online visitors for you

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Creative websites for creative people

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Confidence building websites for medical professionals

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Seductive websites for your holiday property

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A 5-star website for your hotel

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sleek websites for legal professionals

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luscious websites for hospitality professionals

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inspiring websites for exciting new ventures

what you’ll love about us...

You’ll fall for our creativity, our eye for detail, our deep understanding of your business.

You’ll be incredibly impressed by our professional service.

You’ll adore the personalised attention we’ll give you at all times.