Websites for  restaurants

Beautifully designed websites for bars, discotheques, restaurants…

You’l attract many new customers thanks to your new website

For bars, clubs, restaurants...

You most likely chose a target clientèle for your establishment. You have dedicate so much time to its decoration, to the dishes prepared in its kitchen, the coffee you prepare for coffee-lovers or the party revelers that dance the night away on your dance-floor.  

Allow us at Web Elegancia to make all the detail shine through in a website that truly reflects your establishment’s character and will appeal to the eye of your target clientele.

Today, so many people decide where to eat, where to have their next cup of coffee or where to party the night away by checking out your websites before coming. This is why your website must attract their attention, as well as reflect the authentic ambience of your place.

We take immense pleasure at Web Elegancia designing websites to do just this.


Our extra services

We focus on building long-lasting fruitful relationships with you. For this reason, we have carefully developed and rolled out a complete range of services to adapt to all your needs. 

Web Management

We take care of your website once built through our top-quality hosting as well as our web management/ maintenance plans. This way you can continue to concentrate on your clients knowing that your website is been taken care of professionnally.

Graphic Design

Our graphic designers can create your own image, your colour chart or a new logo for you. Likewise, we can design your print marketing materials and have them printed and delivered to you.


Apart from translating your website into any languages you wish to have, our Team of professional translators can translate any other materials for you.

Corporate Gifts

From calendars to posters, from clothing to stationery, we can provide you with a huge range of bespoke items that reflect your brand for you to give as gifts to clients or suppliers.

Social Media

Allow us to assist you in staying connected with your clients as well as reaching new clients through our "Be Social" digital marketing plans.


We want everyone to have a beautiful website, so we never want your budget to be an obstacle. Check out our great leasing plan which will enable you to have the website you want while paying it in convenient installments.

what you’ll love about us...

You’ll fall for our creativity, our eye for detail, our deep understanding of your business.

You’ll be incredibly impressed by our professional service.

You’ll adore the personalised attention we’ll give you at all times.